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BBR Gutters Inc. is located in Northville. We specialize in gutter services for houses and all properties near our service area. Our services include gutter cleaning, repair and installation. We also install gutter guards! Your gutters are in good hands with our professionals! Schedule today!

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BBR Gutters Inc. sends out local technicians to your home to provide an evaluation of the gutter system. Then we will hand over a total estimate for the gutter cleaning service before we begin the cleaning process. If there is any evidence of structural damage or deterioration in the process of the evaluation, the technician will let you know. Depending on the extent of the damage, it is likely our technician will recommend immediate gutter repair or replacement.


● Extraction of soil, sticks, miscellaneous debris & leaves
● Retrieval of roofing debris & roof materials
● Evaluation to understand if {gutters drain correctly or not
● Fastening of loose screws when required
● Cleanup of materials & organic debris around the ground

The gutter cleaning service, from start to finish, will last between 1-2 hours based on the size of your home and the shape of the gutters. Customers don’t have to be on-site during the same time of our service. Should you be home, our technician will report to you when our cleaning service is complete and answer all of your questions you might have.


BBR Gutters Inc. can perform a range pf gutter repairs for homes and commercial locations. Our trained technicians will identify damage and problem areas during our professional gutter cleaning service that homeowners are often not aware of. It is necessary to complete all gutter repair right away before the next bad storm or bout of inclement weather.

Our technicians perform the following gutter repair services:

● Tightening loose gutter fasteners
● Re-strapping loose leaders on gutters
● Repairing damaged leaders on gutters
● Fixing issues with pitch on gutters
● Replacing leaking miters in joints
● Repairing clogged underground drain systems

We recommend to inspect your home’s gutters following severe weather and in autumn after winter. Most gutter damage is caused by inclement weather. Signs of damage include pooled water, bent, loose or detached gutters or downspouts, seeping gutters and leaking gutters. If you identify any of these problems with your gutters, be sure to call us as soon as possible! Do not put off gutter problems. It will just cause bigger problems.


BBR Gutters Inc. advises all residents of Northville to install gutter guards on their house. The faster the better! The initial cost of professional installation is worth the many long-term returns. Leaf guards protect houses from water overflow, unwelcome pests, mold and mildew growth and more. And, leaf guards reduce the need to clean gutters multiple times during the year. Install leaf guards and there will be no need to clean gutters any more than once a year.


Our technician will arrange a convenient time to meet at your house to review the products we install in our service and our complete process. We offer several brands and models of gutter guards and products. Our team helps you determine the right leaf guards for your house at a price our customers can afford! Once you decide on a brand and a model, we orders the product from our distributors and plan a followup date for the installation.

Before our technicians install leaf guards, they will perform our gutter cleaning service to remove leaves, soil buildup and debris. Technicians will also be sure the angle of the gutter channels is optimal before installation. After that, it’s time to install the gutter screens. Here’s how:

● Retrieval of soil, sticks, debris & dead leaves
● Retrieval of miscellaneous debris & roof particles
● Tests of pitch to understand if gutters drain correctly
● Tightening of screws when necessary
● Install gutter screens along entire gutter system*

*BBR Gutters Inc. follows all manufacturer requirements and instructions in order to preserve the warranty and ensure the best result for our customers.

Then the technicians gather all miscellaneous debris and materials from the cleaning and installation and do our best to answer all questions before our service is complete.

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Rain gutters are important to a home. Clean gutters help to facilitate the flow of rain from a roof and direct the water to a downspout that will funnel rainwater from the base of a home and the foundation.

Obstructed or damaged gutters and downspouts will lead to numerous problems:


If a gutter is obstructed and rain starts to collect inside, the rain will then start to collect at the edge of the roof. This will damage roof shingles and will often result in cracks forming. Cracks in the shingles can lead to leaks from the home’s ceiling which can result in leaking in the home itself. To fix roof damage or cracked ceiling or floor is a very expensive home repair.


A basement flooding is not fun at all. Damaged gutters are a common reason for basement flooding. Rainwater will overflow from the gutter then pool at the foundation of a home just above the basement. Soon after, the concrete will wear down and rainwater that collects right above the basement will start to leak into the basement. Sometimes this can lead to mold or mildew growth and will ruin paint, carpet and any other chairs and couches or decorations in the basement.


Pools of rain that destroy or flood basements can also ruin the foundation of a home. A house with a damaged foundation is not safe to live in. You also realize that to fix a home’s foundation is a measurable expense and a necessity for any possibility of selling a home over time. Home’s with shaky foundations won’t pass an inspection.


Pests and rodents love pooled rainwater. If rainwater stays inside of a gutter for a long time, gutters will likely become the home to rats, mosquitos, termites and other pests near your home. The issue can worsen if the pests find a way into your home through the gutter system. Routine gutter cleaning will eliminate any chances for a pest outbreak to happen.


Curb appeal isn’t the most important reason for cleaning gutters, but it’s the most obvious. Debris that clogs the gutters oftentimes can be visible from the front of a home, especially organic debris that gathers on the driveway. The overflowing rain will stain the siding of a home and deteriorate the appearance of roofing. After enough time, a home with unclean gutters will appear worn down on the outside.


One obvious problem that occurs from buildup and overflow of rain is damage to the gutters themselves. Debris and miscellaneous will soon corrode the aluminum most gutters are made of. Destroyed gutters often cause the same type of home damage as dirty gutters and will have to be replaced faster than cared for gutters and downspouts.


Our professional gutter cleaning, gutter repair and leaf guard installation help to prevent these problems from occurring. These services are proven to protect rain gutters and homes! Schedule today!

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